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I am glad to welcome you, dear readers! If you come to this site, then you are already concerned about the question “how to become popular”!

Your attention is a great platform, in the form of Instagram.

Many are unaware of all the possibilities of this social network.

I will try to tell about it the most necessary and dispel some myths.

Facts about Instagram:

  • social the network has 400 million active users;
  • 80 million new photos appear on the pages every day;
  • 75% of users are not residents of the United States, but representatives of other countries;
  • According to statistics, over the past six months, half of the new users came from Europe and Asia;
  • The monthly Russian audience viewing Instagram is 18.5 million people.

Let’s move on to the myths.

Myth one

Put hashtags in the comments under the publication.

If you put hashtags in the comments, they will not work. Many publish hashtags in the first comment, and not in the “body” of the post because it is so beautiful.

And here is a matter of taste: if you like to post in the comments, continue to do so. Because hashtags will work both in comments and in the post itself. Do not believe? Try clicking on it and look.

Myth 2

Nobody reads texts on Instagram.

Work of Social Media Workers is not left unattended. The text is an important part!

Each blogger must have its own zest, a distinctive feature. Of course, you cannot give a definite answer, but I think that the text is an integral part of the “post”.

Myth 3


It is rumored that Instagram is actively promoting posts with video. And you know, partly it is. But it’s not about the video. Instagram defines what content you are looking for more readily: photos, videos or galleries. And the format that, according to statistics, you prefer, it shows you more actively.

Because you should not shoot a video to Instagram more to show you. It is worth doing what you like, high quality, with a soul. And if the audience appreciates your posts – you will get the cherished likes.

Instagram statistics

Photo taken by @georgiadelotz


Myth 4

I can cheat/buy subscribers and likes from BOTS and become popular.

When you cheat subscribers and likes from bots, you risk falling into the shadowban, and your popularity will be “pseudo popularity.” I can please you with the fact that there is a free way to get REAL subscribers and likes, gaining real popularity and fame. All that is required for this is to follow this link and complete a couple of tasks.


In the end I’d love to say that there are many ways to get more followers. But if you want to get free instagram followers just try our tool. We were happy creating it.